This website is a collaboration of leading vendors in the trauma community who have been called upon in our nation’s Zero Preventable Deaths initiative to drive needed innovation in trauma registries and interoperability. This initiative is supported by the vendors to help provide advocacy and enlightenment for an expansive vision of interoperability that can drive real-time performance improvement and analytics to help improve outcomes and save lives.

Analytic Solutions Network

Analytic Solutions Network is a highly secure environment that allows interoperability between trauma registries, regardless of vendor, and centralized trauma databases and quality programs, regardless of provider.

As a public benefit corporation, we have pledged that 100% of all proceeds will be used to support the offering of analytic services that help trauma centers, regional advisory councils, states, and hospital systems implement real-time performance improvement systems and analytic tools and dashboards. We have also committed to provide permanent funding for an inclusive trauma repository that is open to all users of trauma registry products, regardless of vendor, that can serve as an efficient feeder system to databases such as ACS TQIP® and NTDB as well as any state, regional, or health system trauma registry or PI collaborative.

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Analytic Solutions Network

Supporting Vendors

Clinical Data Management, Digital Innovation, and Lancet Technology collectively serve nearly 2,000 trauma centers nationwide. We have donated portions of our corporate funds to launch Analytic Solutions Network to provide the infrastructure for our nation to progress to a real-time performance improvement reality.