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Across our country, it is vital for us to stand up in every way that we can to help improve outcomes for injured patients. This is the only way to achieve our nation’s goal of Zero Preventable Deaths.

This requires innovation and analytics to be accessible in as near real time as possible so changes in protocols and procedures are discovered and implemented in mere weeks—not months or years.

It has been shown that an injured patient’s chance of survival can vary almost 300% across our nation depending on the trauma center that treats them. Through analytics, we can identify the sources of these variations and make steadfast progress to raise all trauma centers to the level of performance of our nation’s greatest providers.

The trauma vendor community has been called upon by the National Academy of Sciences report to do our part in driving technical innovations. In response, we established this website to serve as a unified messaging platform for driving innovation, interoperability, and analytics in support of the injured patient.

This is the vision behind the Stand Up for PI initiative: to bring trauma leadership together around a common vision of extensive interoperability for the public good.



ACS CD 15-5 Requirements
Zero Preventable Deaths

Recent News

Joint Vendor – Burn 2020 Compliance Town Hall
October 22, 2019
On October 17, 2019, Clinical Data Management, Digital Innovation and Lancet Technology conducted a "Burn Registry Town Hall" related to 2020 national burn compliance changes and related im...
2018 ACS CD 15-5 Requirements
November 14, 2018

Trauma Registry Vendor Community Embraces Support for ACS CD 15-5 Risk-adjusted Benchmarking Requirements

Conifer, CO 11/14/2018 – In February of this year, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) revised the requirements for participation in risk-adjusted benchmarking programs. The revised ACS CD 15-5 policy no longer specifically requires participation in ACS TQIP®.